Thursday, 21 August 2014

Non-Buyers Remorse

I hear a lot of people speak about buyer's remorse when they buy an item they didn't particularly need, paid too much for, or perhaps only bought because it was on sale and not because they really wanted it.

I tend to suffer from quite the opposite on a frequent basis! Non-buyers remorse. I am certain you would have experienced this. It's basically where you window shop for hours, and obsess over this one item you really want. You look at it every day, and you keep it in your shopping cart but everytime you go to buy it you talk yourself out of it.

"No, you really do not need this dress/bag/pair of shoes, etc."
"You already have something similar."
"You should save all of your money."

The list of excuses to NOT buy an item is endless, and by the end of the little conversation in your head you have decided against buying it (yet again), and you repeat this process every day until the dress sells out.

What happens when it sells out? You panic. You finally realise what a mistake it had been to consistently talk yourself out of purchasing it for so long. What is left for you to do? Continue obsessing over the item, because we always need what we can't have, right? Keep looking at the item every day in the hope that it will re-stock. Every now and then you may get lucky, but when you don't all you can really do is begin mourning over this item you never even had. This my friends, is non-buyers remorse.

I thought I'd share some of the recent items from Modcloth I am currently obsessing over but have sadly missed out on:




1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

All of the above items also happen to be from Bea & Dot, which I am totally loving lately! I only have one Bea & Dot dress currently, but hope to have many more!

Thankfully I have gotten lucky with the three below. All had sold out but I was lucky enough to nab them when one came back, it was like it was meant to be! The plaid grad dress by Tulle is certainly one of my favourites, I wear it all the time.



1 / 2 / 3

It's a wonder I haven't learnt yet to purchase things before they sell out! My advice to you is this: if you see an item and you're still thinking about it the next day, purchase it! It's important to treat yourself every now and then. We shouldn't make ourselves feel guilty about it!

Have you ever experienced non-buyers remorse? Tell me about it. I'd love to hear from you.



  1. How sweet is the green dress. It's a gorgeous colour. Yes I wish I'd bought the Barista in the City top in black and in jade when I bought the red one. But I didn't want to risk all THREE not fitting.

    1. Yes! I really love the green dress and it would certainly suit you! It's so your colour. Hopefully more Barista tops come back so you can purchase them. I think it's a pretty popular style so I'll be surprised if it doesn't come back! I know what you mean though! I was like that with the Coach Tour dress, wanted to make sure it fit first! xx

  2. That is sad. It is the worst when your head gets in the way! I just learn from that and say, its just silly guilt, just buy it. What do I have to lose!! Husband doesnt mind thank the gods as he spends hundreds on music equipment!

    1. It is sad! Unfortunately I let my head get in the way a lot of the time! I have been fairly impulsive lately, but normally I just make myself feel way too guilty even thinking about buying things! Often things will be sitting in my shopping cart for six months (or until they sell out). Well I'm glad you're smarter than me and demonstrate a little impulsive behaviour :) Lucky you have such a supportive husband who doesn't mind! xx