Saturday, 9 August 2014


Hello! Welcome to my blog!

Some of you may know me as Tabby Fuchsia, others may know me as Sam Woods. I am from Canberra, Australia, born and raised. I have no real desire to live anywhere else. I think my favourite part about Canberra is that everywhere else, no matter where, seems exciting in comparison. It doesn't matter where I go, but when I arrive back in Canberra it feels like home. It's becoming such a great place to live now though!

Mind you, I haven't been to any other countries so it's quite possible I will fall in love with another place, but for now this is where my heart lies. Travelling is something I am really keen to do, but I am actually terrified of it! I've come a long way, a simple bus ride to school used to have me hyperventilating. Now I can go around places in Australia with little unease! I am hoping after a first trip overseas I will be able to overcome my fear of travelling, and fully expect I will become addicted to it!

I am a bit of a movie buff, I tend to go to the cinemas at least once per week so I tend to see most movies not long after they come out. One of my favourite things to do is watch the trailers before films and add any exciting movies to a list which I cross off as I see them. For this reason I get quite upset when I see movies with friends and they insist we go to the shops before the movie starts because we'd "just miss the trailers". My absolute favourite movie would have to be Drop Dead Fred, although I feel like every time I see a great movie I have a new favourite (most recently Guardians of the Galaxy).

Television shows are another interest of mine. There is nothing better than being able to watch five seasons in a row of a television show. I love a good science fiction show, but as with movies, I tend to give anything a go. I have too many favourite shows to pick just one and I swear I have at least ten that would be in my "Top Five" (I know, how does that even work?).

I love a good book. I think it is a bit sad because I don't seem to find as much time to read as I used to. When I was younger my head was constantly in a book. I'd read in between classes and people would be amazed when watching me as I never seemed to bump into anything. I tend to go through periods in life when I am constantly reading, and then won't touch a book for a few months. A problem I have is I am not very good at using book marks so I'm either trying to memorise page numbers or flicking through pages trying to find where I was up to.

My interest in fashion is not something I was born with, or something I developed at an early age. I was a tomboy when I was younger, I guess that was the result of growing up with two brothers. My favourite thing to wear was overalls, and I tried my damnest to get my mother to let me wear converse shoes to my year ten formal (unsuccessfully). I can't really pin a point in time when this started to change for me as it was quite a gradual change. I didn't even really own any dresses until my formal, and now I have too many to fit in my closet.

Discovering vintage inspired clothing was a turning point for me. I felt like I had finally found the perfect style for my body, and the perfect way to express myself physically. Fifties styled clothing is probably the biggest influence, a lot of people often comment on my clothing saying they think I was born in the wrong era. What I love about this style is that it is so classic, and will never really go out of style. I love all the vibrant patterns and flattering shapes. Very inspiring!

So that's a little bit about me! Stay tuned for future posts! I don't really know where I'll be going with this yet, but I'm hoping this will be the beginning of something great!



  1. Wonderful first post! I'm a big fan of drop dead Fred too...In fact any rik mayall show. I totally get your fear of travel. I have come from over seas and have been to japan once but it's not an easy thing for me. Binge watching TV shows is my of thrones, orange is the new black, arrested development and 30 rock is what we are repeating and going through at the moment! Looking forward to your next post. X tarryn

    1. Thank you so much! I'm a big fan of Rik Mayall's work too. Love The Young Ones. I was very sad to hear of his passing.
      I'm glad you've been able to overcome your fears of travel, hopefully I can too! Where are you from?
      Yes! Binge watching is the best. I'm currently binge watching Orange Is The New Black, and loving it. Game of Thrones is a favourite of mine. I haven't really seen much of Arrested Development or 30 Rock, but I have heard they are great.
      Thanks for your comment! :) Following you on Bloglovin now (I am still new at this, so I think I've done it right....)
      Sam xx

  2. LOL. We're so alike. Except for Guardians of the Galaxy. :D Not that I disliked it... I just didn't love it like you did!

    YAY for blogging! I can't wait to keep up to date with your blog.

    1. Hehe, we are. Hayden keeps telling me "Why don't you just date her? You're basically the same person" and I'm like "Hey, maybe I should".
      Haha. I've been listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack all day.
      Thanks Yvette! I'm excited to get started with blogging! I'm such a noob at this though...

    2. LOL @ Hayden.

      The soundtrack would be pretty funny! So old school!